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  • princess to queen

    a girl can become a Queen,

    as she gains the insight one, to learn and relearn a ton.

    as she gains wisdom too, for herself and not for you.

    as she gains understanding, three, what's meant, and not meant to be.


    a girl can also become a Queen,

    as she respects herself, and learn thyself.

    as she opens her third, and not just the two.

    as she uses her mind, not just her pussy to distract and be blind.

    as she raises her vibrations and self-awareness, through enlightenment and meditations.


    a girl can also become a Queen,

    as she knows man, woman and child. not just woman and child.

    as she understands sun, moon and star. not just moon and star.

    as she gains wisdom on masculine, feminine and both, balanced.

    a girl can become a Queen.


    © Yasmine Phelps

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